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"Weekly drives from St. Vital have become our ritual after finding the best place for pizza in the city. Pizzaland is without doubt Winnipeg's best kept secret! The great pizza is paired well with awesome staff, this combination of perfection makes the drive totally worth it!" - Juan and Steph "We eat pizza a lot around our place, and we have never found a restaurant that had not only great thin crust, but an amazing sauce and enough cheese to satisfy us! Then we found Pizzaland! You guys have the best pizza in the city - HANDS DOWN!" - Charity & Adam
"What a great place for a quick great pizza. Chris was very friendly and Anna scored me a great deal. Kudos to the fantastic team at PizzaLand. Keep up the good work." - Don "I've been ordering from Pizzaland since it opened. I'm in Toronto now, and whenever I come back - I ALWAYS make it a point to order pizza from Larry! My favorite is the Seafood! I'm missing it now....mmmmm" - Carla RC
"As a family of 6, with four hungry little guys to feed, it's nice to finally find a pizza place with the most food for value. Plus the Zah is AWESOME!! Great job!" - Angela Custance "We have your pizza at my Auntie's place, finally my mom ordered it for home tonight. Can't wait to have my pizzaland pizza!!! We Love Your Pepperoni & mushroom pizza!!!" - Keanna Colles
"I have tried almost every pizza establishment in Winnipeg and a few days ago my family and I gave Pizzaland a shot... and DAMN this was beyond awesome. They got my business." - Kris Stevenson "Hey buddy this is st johns, and i gotta tell you the cheese is great! and the service, wow! cant get service like that at *****!" - Ken
"I have been ordering Pizzaland for 14 years now (since high school!) and just recently picked-up for the first time ever! Weird. Good to finally put somes faces to the great Zah! Cheers!"
- Darren F.
"I have been ordering your pizza for atleast 4 years now, and I will not order from anywhere else... Your Pizza is the best Larry... I love PizzaLand!!!"
- Keith M.
"We've been ordering for years. A most delicious pizza everytime. Staff are always friendly and delivery service superfast. Best Pizza in town. 5***** A++++++++++++" - Greg, Denise and the kids "I work for another pizza business and I only order from Pizzaland instead of getting free pizza from where I work. "
Ryan & Jaime
"I’m very impressed with the Quality, Price and Attitude…"
- Chad Barylski
"Best Pizza - We love it!!!" - Louisa Routhier
"As a business owner on Main street BENNYS CLEANERS@TAILORS. I’m glad we have an option for great pizza. I will let my people know." - Martino Vergata "We have your pizza every second Friday and it is awesome!!! We can't get enough of the garlic wedges. Mmmmmmmmm…" - Brandon and Meagan
"We just moved into the area and after seeing signs advertising "Great Zah", decided to order in one night. After one piece, Kurtis looked at me and said, "I think we found our pizza place!" Just wanted to commend you guys on the perfect take-out pizza - especially the thin crust with bacon!!!" - Kurtis & Jen "I order your pizza at least 3 times a month and I have to say that if I were a food critic I would, hands down give it a solid 9 out of 10 every single time I order. I have talked to Larry about naming a pizza after me, as the only thing I ever order is PEPPERONI, BACK BACON AND X-CHEESE. He told me I have to wait awhile. Anyway, keep up the great work and we'll be seeing you all very soon. I also really like the site." - Krista Magdic
"We have ordered from Larry & company for years. Best pizza in the city of Winnipeg..." - Anne & Dan "Just moved to Winnipeg. Excellent pizza, will definitely call again!!!"
- Todd & Lori
"My wife and I love your Susie's Special. We have also recently discovered your Garlic Wedges. Superb. Keep up the great work!"
- Mike Rempel
"We ordered your pizza @ a friends one night. 6 months later our own family orders every 2 weeks! I am sooo impressed with the taste, quality & consistency... Never a disappointment!!!!" - Lucy J.H.
"Great pizza, great people. Love the way you guys make that thin crust with pepperoni and side bacon. We're about to place an order right now!!!!!" - Nicky & Pab "I have been ordering Pizza Land for 7 years now. I must say Pizza Land is D-LICIOUS. My whole life I've ordered beef & pineapple and Pizza Land's toppings are by far the best!!!!! " - Adam E.
"Larry, great pizza as ever also fast and friendly service!"
- Laurie & Randy Wiltshire
"Hey Larry, our pizza Friday night was awesome! Thank you!"
- Beryl Majorow
"Once again, an awesome pizza. We order practically every week, and nothing compares in the city. Great pizza, great value, and amazing people! Everyone in the city has to at least try it once. They will get hooked!" - Jeff & Georgette "I love the quality toppings that you put on your pizza. It is a great value. It is very hard to find side bacon ,which we love, and yours is the best!"
- Jen & Dave
"A buddy suggested you guys and I was honestly blown away how your pizza tastes. Your very generous with toppings. Keep up the good work." - T. Dawg "Not only is the pizza sensational, but the staff and management are very reasonable (along with the prices). I recommend pizzaland to everyone... And won't go anywhere else or to any other land." - Adley
"I have ordered pizza from both locations and find them both excellent but the portage avenue pizzaland has the best pizza in winnipeg by far and the nicest staff very friendly and polite and always happy to make your pizza just the way you like it and its made with the right amount of love. So portage avenue pizzaland is the best in the west." - Carol I. "Finally a pizza place where you can order a pizza with no cheese."I know I'm weird". I love you pizzaland! " - Michie
"I stumbled across it here in Urban Spoon and I'm very lucky I did. Absolutely fantastic pizza. It makes me wish I could eat pizza every day. Do yourself a favor and just check it out. My new fave in the city. " - Andrew Maxwell "Ordered from Pizzaland for the first time. I am really glad we did it was really good pizza, good prices and good service!" - Ematmp
"Definitely my favorite pizza place! Barbecue chicken and feta!! Sooo good!" -

"This pizza is awesome and affordable, we order here at least once a week." - Carrie

"Excellent customer service, fast and friendly, WITH get this, Great tasting pizza, rarely disappointments. You’ve had my business for 20 years and I’m expecting many more!" - Mslobodzian
"Always delicious. They always get it right. Best pizza I have ever H's in this town. " - Deanna G.
"Best thin crust pizza in the city! I love getting the thin crust pizza from Pizzaland. All the ingredients are delicious. Best sauce I've ever had! My personal favorite is pineapple with jalapeno peppers. The pizza usually takes about an hour, so be sure you can wait that long! I wouldn't recommend their dipping sauces (nothing to scream at) but the pizza is worth every cent! Reasonable prices too!" - Proud cat mom "Best Pizza in Wpg! I started ordering Pizzaland mid 2000's. Best pizza in town-by far. Their pizza sauce, crust and toppings are all incredible. The pricing has gone up over the years, therefore we don't order it often, but it's sure a treat when we do!! A little tip: Order honey garlic wing sauce on the side and dip your pizza in it! So good!" - Skinnystate
"Side Bacon and Smoky BBQ Chicken Pizza - Pizzaland you have the best thin crust pizza in the city. Your pizzas taste fantastic and your prices are very inexpensive. With your great tasting pizzas you also provide excellent service. Thank you Pizzaland!" - Les "I've been ordering from Pizzaland for twelve years. Why? Because it is real good! I've wasted money trying "others", but I always come back to the Great Zah! Pizzaland is the "only" restaurant I'll order from - no disappointments, no wasting money." - Deborah
"Terrific pizza. Best we've had in awhile. We prefer a thin crust but the regular suits us great. Pizza of choice in St. James." - Softballnut

"Favorite Winnipeg pizza - hands down. I think they use a smoked cheese for their pizzas. Greasy and delicious" - Jocelyn Preston

"My husband likes their regular crust, and pretty much considers it his favorite pizza in the city. I just tried the thin crust (garden pizza) tonight and it was really good! Great value, too. " - Jess "Awesome product, awesome service! Walked in to Order pizza late last night and waited 15 minutes for our pizza to be ready, which ended up in me leaving the restaurant in 40 minutes later due to a conversation with the friendly owner! Great tasting pizza! Will definitely be back"
- Brian

"I order from these guys from time to time and every time I have not been disappointed. They make and awesome thin crust and my favorite part of the crust is the crispy edges." - Mytwo cents

"Gourmet Pizza - loads of toppings and full of flavor. Suzie's Special - Loads of toppings and the best green peppers we have ever had on a pizza." - Usedbruce

"The best pizza in the city, great prices, very friendly staff, never have had a complaint and we order every three week. Best pizza is the combo!" - DJ

"This site ( was right. Pizzaland has one of the highest reviews on urbanspoon for good reason. You won't be disappointed."
- Pj4344
"Pizzaland is my favorite pizza!! Absolutely delicious pizza!!!"
- Gmitchell
"Awesome! Best pizza and you guys are so fast, friendly and great! You deserve this and have earned it!!" - Char Tanner
"I moved away to Fort McMurray, my first stop was ALWAYS a large thin crust pepperoni and back bacon pizza. Love pizzaland and the group of people running it. Congratulations guys!" - Krista Ann "Pizzaland I have to say you are my favorite pizza place. Your pizza is fantastically delicious mouth watering and to die for. I can never have too much Pizzaland and I hope more people try you so they understand what I'm talking about. Please everyone go see Larry at the Pizzland Main Street location and you will be happy you did." - Les Maksymowicz
"Hands down 100% THE BEST ....worth a 60km+ drive to get. Great pizza and awesome customer service!!!!" - Nikita Giesbrecht "I always compare pizzaland to every other pizza I have and have always said I like Pizzaland better..." - Glenda McLachlan Rieu
"CONGRATULATIONS TO A QUARTER CENTURY OF PIZZALAND SUCCESS... More power and success in the next 25 more years at least..." - Fred Arrojado "This place is the real deal... Great thin crust at a great price."
- Christopher Cramer
"The best thin crust pizza I ever had... So tasty with the wings we had too ... Omg if you have never been you need to go!" - Tes Aiello "You guys Have Great Zah!!! Love it to the moon and back..."
- Jade Shane Morrisseau
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